The Gift of Technology

Wycliffe values God’s gift of digital technology as a tool for learning, communicating and creativity.

These technologies enable students to engage with and use information, give expression to their imaginative ideas, create for a diverse audience, communicate with a wider learning network and engage in collaborative learning. We see this as being an expression of the gospel values of relationship and community.



Wycliffe is equipped with excellent I.T. facilities, including site-wide wifi coverage, commercial fibre Internet, banks of iPads and Chromebooks, Mac computer labs and a Design Centre with high end virtual reality kits, 3D printers, robotics equipment and more. Our facilities are driven and managed by a dedicated technology team.

Digital Citizenship

Wycliffe embodies gospel values in our community by our behaviour in digital realms, fostering strong digital citizenship values at school, and partnering with families to do the same in home life.

We are intentional about the teaching of attitude, behaviour and skills that will shape a culture of responsibility, respect, protection and education in the digital space.

Read our Digital Citizenship Vision