Remote Learning Information and FAQs



What are the New 2020 Term dates?

Please download our updated 2020 Term dates by clicking here.

Is the School open?

Yes, the school is open. From Week 3 we have begun a staged return to face to face learning. The timetable for the return is available below. Students whose parents need them to be at school are able to attend school on any day and engage with the online and remote learning modules at school.

Will students who attend school be taught with their normal classes and teachers?

From Week 3, when students are at school for their timetabled face to face learning days, they will be in their usual classes with their usual teachers.
On other days, students who attend school will be supervised and supported by staff to engage with the same remote and online learning as the students who are learning from home. Our teaching staff will be engaging with all students, whether they are learning at home or at school, through the remote and online learning platforms.

What is the plan for the return to face to face learning?

From Week 3 onwards we are implementing a staged return to face to face learning. Our Kindergarten, Year 11 and Year 12 Students will return faster than other year groups, with the staged return being undertaken in stage groups. The diagram below outlines the plan for the return from Weeks 3 to 6.

Download a copy of the staged return timetable here

What does learning look like as the staged return to face to face learning takes place?

From Week 3 onwards we are implementing a staged return to face to face learning. Our Kindergarten, Year 11 and Year 12 Students will return faster than other year groups, with the staged return being undertaken in stage groups. The diagram below outlines the plan for the return from Weeks 3 to 6.

What are the guidelines for uniform as students return to school?

The beginning of Term 2 usually sees us move to winter uniform. However, we recognise that in the current climate, there may be a number of barriers to families being able to acquire new items of winter uniform. In light of this we are asking students to wear as much of the correct uniform as they can and then, if needed for warmth, add extra layers of -non-uniform clothing. If your child needs to wear non-uniform items please provide them with a written note. Where possible we would like the additional layers to be either navy or black.
Please note that we are expecting to have all students in full correct winter uniform by the commencement of Term 3.

What are the drop off and pick up arrangements?

We have made the decision to ask families to drop their children off and pick them up from the front of the school rather than walking them down to classrooms. However, please note that we are still expecting families to drop off and collect their preschool aged children directly from the preschool as they are required under legislation to sign them in and out.
In the mornings we are asking for the drop off of all students to occur across the bridge to administration. Staff, and some of our senior students, will be meeting families at the start of the bridge to greet students and ensure that our younger students are then walked down to their classrooms. In the afternoons we will again ask families to collect their children from the bridge area as this provides the best sheltered area for students to wait. It will be very important that parents maintain appropriate distancing during drop off and collection – we have marked appropriately placed spots in the bus bay area and encourage parents to use these during pick up to help with this.
If you are looking to drop off without parking your vehicle, then in the mornings kiss and drop through the bus bay area is great. However, please remember that in the afternoon cars are unable to use the school entrance driveway between 2:40pm and 3:05pm. For those who will still be parking, and to help with the expected change in traffic flow, we are also creating clearer parking options in our turning circle area by moving some of the cars used by our automotive elective out of the way.

Do Junior School Students bring their work packs to school when they attend?

Yes please. It would be very helpful if students attending school could bring their work books with them. If your Junior School student is attending school on consecutive days, staff will endeavour to keep your child’s workbook at school for them.

Are assemblies and other groups activities being held?

No, school events have been postponed or cancelled. There is a list of cancelled / postponed events on the School’s COVID-19 Webpage.

Is sport on?

No, our usual Tuesday (Senior School) and Friday (Junior School) sport activities are not being held until further notice. Students who are at school may engage in physical activity during sport time.

What additional measures are in place to help stop the spread of COVID-19?

The following additional emails are in place at school:

  • encouraging increased space between students and arranging classroom furniture to leave as much space as possible between students
  • students are remaining in the same classroom spaces throughout the day instead of moving around throughout the school or from classroom to classroom
  • hand sanitiser is available in all classrooms
  • students are being encouraged to regularly wash their hands throughout the day, particularly before eating
  • our cleaners are doing additional cleaning each day
How is the school able to partner with families around financial difficulties?

We see it as a privilege to work with our families to minimise financial pressures at this present time. With this in mind, we are asking anyone who has been stood down from employment or is experiencing a significant change in their income, to please contact Dave Johnston to confidentially discuss assistance options, including scaled fee relief of up to 100% for Term 2. Our desire is to generously look after families in need and each application will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Are the buses still running?

Yes, buses to Wycliffe are still running.

How can we access the School Library at this time?

If your child is in the Junior School and attending school, then please send them with their library bag, as the students are able to borrow books during the day.
If your child is learning from home, then you may email either Mr Turner or Mr Cooney and request a surprise package of books to be selected for your child(ren) and left with the pick-up packages for collection. Alternatively, parents may come and select books for their child. The borrowing limits have been extended for this term.
Links to three library resources have been set up on the Adventure Learning Google Classroom page. These are The Story Box Library, Wide Open School and World Book Online.
There is information about each resource on the page but it is important that parents be aware that these are public websites, whose designers, writers and presenters do not all adhere to the Wycliffe Christian School Curriculum Philosophy. Parents are encouraged to preview any site or item to be used by their child(ren) and to use the filters, where available, to manage the selection made by family members.

How do I know what my Junior School Student should be working on?

Work for our Junior School Students will be posted in their google classroom. Each Junior School class will have three livestream Zoom sessions with their classroom teacher and classmates each week. Parents will have received an email from Mr Duncan with instructions about logging into the google classroom as well as their child’s login details.
Instructional videos and work to be completed will be posted for each day in the classroom. A timetable has been created for our Junior School students and includes the Zoom session timetable. It can be downloaded below.

How do I know what my Senior School Student should be working on?

Work for our Senior School students will be posted in the google classroom for each of their subjects. Senior School students should be following their normal school timetable. Week 1 of Term is a B Week.
In each of their google classrooms they will find, in the ‘classwork’ section, the learning tasks that have been set for each lesson. The steps for each lesson will be numbered in order. For each distinct learning component there will be a time estimate given by the teacher to indicate how long we are expecting it will take for the students to complete the step.
We are establishing the learning components of each 45 minute lesson so that approximately 30 minutes may require use of a device and being online while the other 15 minutes will be able to be completed offline.
Timing of Zoom sessions will also be posted in the google classroom for each subject.

What if my child is unwell?

If your child is at all unwell, they should not be coming to school.
If they are well enough to engage with learning from home, they can continue to do so.
If they are not well enough to engage with learning from home, please email the school at so that we can note this in our attendance database and so that our teaching staff will know that they are not well enough to engage with the work.

Who do I contact with questions?

If you are unsure about what work your child should be doing, or have questions about the work, please contact their classroom or subject teacher. Our teaching staff will endeavour to respond to emails during school hours. Please note that they will be receiving an increased number of emails over this time and so may need a little extra time to respond.
If you have other concerns or questions:

  • In the Junior School, the classroom teacher should again be your first point of contact. If you would like to bring your concerns to another staff member, please contact Mrs Kruik or Mrs Huxley via email.
  • In the Senior School, Growth group teachers and Stage Leaders can be contacted via email.


Accessing the Google Classroom

Download the Google Classroom – Parent Guide
This video is an introductory guide to Google Classroom. It will tell you how to join the classroom, find your way around, complete assignments, and to communicate with your classmates and teacher.


Adjusting Notifications in the Google Classroom

This video is quick guide to changing the notification settings for the Google Classroom.