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29 May 8:15am
Year 7 Orientation Day

The move from Primary School to High School is an important milestone in a student’s educational journey. We know that this time of transition comes with a mix of emotions for both students and parents, from aspects of anxiety and worry through to great excitement. Our desire is to make this transition as smooth as possible. To support this, Wycliffe runs a Year 7 Orientation Program during Terms 2, 3 and 4.

The first of our Year 7 Orientation Days will be held on Wednesday 29th May from 8.20am to 2.50pm. To ensure the day can start on time, please be at the School Office at 8.10am.

Students will start the day with a general orientation session. They will then spend 2 periods each in 3 areas of the High School: Science/Engineering, Cooking/Food Technology, Sport/PDHPE.

Students currently in Year 6 who are interested in learning more about High School at Wycliffe are invited to register and join us on the day.

Students are invited to wear appropriate mufti clothing for the day. Families are asked to keep in mind the activities students will take part in and ensure clothing will be suitable for these activities. All students are expected to wear closed in shoes (with a tongue) as this is a safety requirement in the learning spaces they will be using.

Students should bring their recess, lunch and water bottle as they usually would on a school day. A pencil case would also be helpful for the day.

There is no obligation to enrol at Wycliffe following Orientation Day – anyone interested in learning more is welcome to come.

This is one of three Year 7 Orientation Days to be held throughout the year. While students are encouraged to take part in all of these days – it is not a requirement for enrolment at Wycliffe.

Please click the button below to register.


Please note: If your child has a condition which involves a medical action plan we will need a copy of the plan emailed to enrol@wycliffe.nsw.edu.au before the day or left with the School Office on the morning of Orientation Day.

If your child will need medication throughout the day, this must be taken to the school office on the morning of Orientation Day. Parents may be required to complete a form to give us authority to administer the medication. If medication to be given is prescribed medication, please contact the school office to see what is required.

Year 7 Orientation Day

Year 7 Orientation Day

Please complete the form below to register your interest in our Year 7 Orientation Day on 1 December, 2021.