Wycliffe Hope School

About Wycliffe Hope School

We are excited to announce that Wycliffe Hope School will be opening in 2021.

Wycliffe Hope School is a Kindergarten to Year 12 Christian learning community with the specific focus of catering for students with mild to moderate ASD or moderate intellectual learning needs. God tells us that every child is formed in His image and is fearfully and wonderfully made. Wycliffe Hope School provides an inclusive learning experience for students with diagnosed additional needs which celebrates the truth that they are treasured and essential members of our school community.

Wycliffe Hope School has adopted the same vision as Wycliffe Christian School: to encourage learning founded on God’s word by nurturing faith, unwrapping truth, encouraging discernment and enabling thoughtful action. It is within this context that all students are able to learn to value and respect themselves and each other.

Two Schools – One Learning Community

Wycliffe Hope School and Wycliffe Christian School together provide one inclusive learning community. ‘Two schools – One learning community’ is a key dynamic driving the establishment of Wycliffe Hope School. As we celebrate this together it underpins the provision of a differentiated and comprehensive curriculum within an appropriately tailored learning environment.

‘Two schools – one learning community’ provides the benefits of both targeted Special Education and general learning experiences within a large mainstream schooling context. We are seeking for it to be a dynamic learning experience where designated classroom spaces, that are equipped and resourced in response to the special needs of students, are enhanced with the activities and events of the broader learning environment.

What will learning look like at the Hope School?

The intention for Wycliffe Hope School is to create and offer educational choices for families whose children have additional learning needs, which are best able to support significant learning progress for all students.

The Hope School has been registered to provide Kindergarten to Year 12 education within the life skills framework.

One of the key aspects of the outworking of ‘two schools – one learning community’ is that there is the possibility for integration of students between Wycliffe Christian School and Wycliffe Hope School. This will be supported by our learning enhancement staff and is one of the incredible blessings that is created for students across both schools.

Every student enrolled in Wycliffe Hope School will have an individual education plan which sets learning goals that reflect the needs of each student. The plans will be developed in consultation with parents or caregivers and will include both long and short term goals and strategies that will assist in achieving these.

School Fees for Wycliffe Hope School

Fees for Wycliffe Hope School are exactly the same as Wycliffe Christian School. Please note that sibling discounts will apply for families with children enrolled across both schools.

Where will the Hope School be located?

The Hope School will be centrally located on the grounds of Wycliffe Christian School, there will be opportunities for the students to be involved in whole school and sub-school events, including assemblies, incursions, excursions and camps. The shared playground spaces and learning spaces will encourage students across both schools to celebrate their identity as one learning community as they ‘do life together’.

Where is planning for the Hope School up to?

We have recently received the final certificates for the registration of Wycliffe Hope School and are looking forward to it opening in 2021.

We welcome enquiries from families who are interested in learning more about enrolling their child in the Hope School.

How can I find out more?

If you would like to arrange to speak to the Principal about opportunities at Hope School for your child. Please complete the form below and we will be in contact with you to arrange a time to meet with him.

Download the Hope School Enrolment Form