Senior School

About Senior School

Students of the Senior School enjoy a rigorous and engaging learning experience. Teaching programs follow the NSW Board of Studies Curricula. Students benefit from generous subject offerings and the School possesses an excellent record of academic performance in the Higher School Certificate.

Learning programs are differentiated, providing support for students who may struggle academically, as well as catering for those with specific gifts and interests. Integrated pastoral ventures such as the Year 9 Encounter Program provide the necessary nurture and support as students navigate the difficult years of adolescence, as well as fostering responsibility through leadership and service.

As well as offering traditional learning pathways, Wycliffe is a member of the Key Alliance of schools through which students can undertake trade-based courses in areas such as Construction, Hospitality, and Electro-technology as part of their normal pattern of study.

Recognising our place in the global community, in the latter years of schooling students enjoy cultural exchanges in varying parts of the world, including Tonga, Hong Kong, and South America.

The total schooling experience, firmly founded on a distinctly Christian worldview, empowers students in their learning, releasing their God given potential in life.