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Welcome to Wycliffe

My wife and I are grateful beyond words for the education that our three children have received at Wycliffe. Two of our grandchildren now attend. They are thriving.

Parents working together with teachers to provide for their children an education which gives to the Lord Jesus His rightful place – it is an exciting partnership.

Teachers helping students to see things the way God sees things; encouraging them to love the Lord their God with all their hearts and souls and minds and strength, and their neighbour as themselves. It is a magnificent vocation.

There is no neutrality in education. Every school and teacher presents a world and life view. The purpose of education at Wycliffe is that students might be nurtured and trained to develop their gifts and talents; to do really well at school; to excel. Why? In order that they might seek to honour the Lord in all that they do and be a blessing to others.

I still remember the time our eldest son finished his first day at Wycliffe. Walking up the school pathway, he simply said: ‘I love it Mum’. He hasn’t looked back.

It is an enormous privilege to share with the School Board the leadership of this wonderful school.

George Glanville
Interim Principal